Investing In Your Memories …

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Embrace Your Day, Unseen Yet Unforgettable

Celebrate Unfettered: Your Wedding, Your WaY

You’ve meticulously planned a day to remember – a day to laugh, to love, to live in the moment. The last thing you need is the distraction of a lens intruding upon those precious moments. You’re not actors on a set; you’re real people living real moments.

As your wedding videographer, I’m a ghost in the machine—a silent guardian of your memories. I blend into the background, capturing the moments of your day without ever pulling you away from the magic. So go ahead, be present, and let the story of your love unfold naturally. I’ll be there, ensuring it is captured, quietly and creatively.

So, who am I looking for? I’m looking for the free spirits who dance to their own rhythm, the introverts who treasure genuine connections, the geeks and nerds who find solace in the worlds of their favourite shows – your wedding film will be a reflection of you, minus the awkwardness of being in the spotlight.

Seeking an epic videographer? Your quest ends here!

Embark on a journey with a wedding videographer who truly understands your narrative.

Camera shy? No worries!

With a discreet touch, feel at ease as your story is captured, naturally.

Savour the moment, not feel like you’re on a film set

Enjoy your celebration, free from the trappings of a staged production.

Absolutely in love with all of our videos – exactly what I was wishing and hoping for. Paul was great on the day, didn’t get in the way and made us feel comfortable! Couldn’t ask for better.


Why Choose Me?

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It’s the experience


I’ve been filming weddings for 12 years. I’ve been the newbie, made the mistakes and developed a style that creates a personal, custom film for each of my wedding couples. I know a wedding day goes 100 miles an hour and I know I can’t control the day but I use my experience to capture all the moments that matter, I use my knowledge of filmmaking and storytelling to craft a wonderful film for you. I never rest on my laurels, I always strive to push myself to try new things and improve so you get the best film you can get.


Your day unfolds


From when I arrive in the morning to film you getting ready, to those busting a move on the dancefloor in the evening I’ll be there capturing the moments. But the great thing is, you literally won’t know it! Well, unless you want to talk about why DS9 is the best Trek series of course!

Even when we head off to get some footage of just you two, it won’t take forever and I just get you to be you! You can laugh, mess around or be romantic. Whatever is YOU.

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It’s all in the edit baby!


It doesn’t end on your wedding day though. That is just the starting point in crafting your wedding story. After the day I find all the best moments, the best soundbites & stories, the laughs, tears and grandad asleep at the reception. I find music that matches your vibe, I find sounds to bring your film to life and I make sure your colours look fantastic and suit the amazing, fun day you had. Put simply, I use the power of film to bring your memories to life. I don’t template or cookie cutter, I work on each film to make it unique as you are. Take a wacth of some here.

Paul was very easy to deal with in the lead up to the wedding and so helpful on the day. He blended into the day and captured some incredible moments for us. Would highly recommend Paul – definitely get a wedding video – you won’t regret it!


What’s Included?

  • A free no-obligation consultation to talk about your plans
  • Me – all day. What more could you want?
  • Your choice of film options (7 minutes and 15 minutes)
  • Ceremony & Speeches Films
  • “Wedflix” online delivery system – it’s like your own personal Netflix!
  • Streamable & Downloadable Wedding Films
  • A pre-wedding video call
  • All my knowledge and experience if you need a hand or have a question

My couples generally invest between £1500 and £3000 on their wedding video package

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Got Questions?

Alas not in time or space, but I do travel around the UK and I can look to travel further afield. For any weddings further than 2 hours from Manchester, I research then quote for hotel and fuel/train costs.

Simply fill in the form below and I’ll send you my brochure, which will include loads of cool info about me and how I work, plus some films to watch. I’ll then check my availability and get in touch with you – normally via WhatsApp – to have a chat. I like to do a quick 5-10 minute video call with you to chat your plans and my options before just “sending out a price”.

I generally arrive 3 hours before your ceremony and stay till around an hour after the first dance. I want to capture all the important moments from those early getting ready bits and pieces to your friends (and you!) throwing those shapes on the dancefloor.

Yes, I do and as long as it is legal and safe to fly it, then I do. However, drone footage is not a guarantee. Any venue that won’t allow it, or is within a no-fly zone or if you’re having a city wedding then no drone will be possible and of course … weather (mainly wind!) permitting.

I keep all my music usage above board and legal, so sorry, no Ed Sheeran. I use professionally crafted music from The Music Bed in all my wedding films, choosing tracks to suit your day and the edit I’m creating. If you wish to have any input, I’m more than happy to set up a playlist for you to select some songs as well.

It’s really useful to blog your wedding (teaser and highlights on social, YouTube and my site) – I do not post the whole long film, ceremony or speeches publicly though may use moments in my reels. This is pretty vital these days to keep my business going and finding new couples! However – if you wish to not have anything posted then simply let me know (I have a tickbox on my pre-wedding video call questionnaire to ask you).

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Feeling the connection? Then drop me a message!