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In pursuit of the unconventionally charming and quietly quirky; from the free-spirited adventurers to the creative souls to the proud geeks and nerds!

Liverpool Wedding Planning Avengers Assemble!

Summoning all free-spirited souls, creative hearts, quiet thinkers, cosmic wanderers, and keepers of fandom!

You’ve meticulously charted the stars for your celestial celebration; now, it’s time to revel in the constellation of connections. Forget the director’s cut – you’re living unscripted moments, surrounded by kindred spirits and familial galaxies are the moments I’m after.

For the free spirits who dance to their own rhythm, the introverts who treasure genuine connections, the geeks and nerds who find solace in the worlds of their favourite shows – your quest for a kindred wedding videographer ends here.


Capturing love stories across time & space!

Greetings, Time Travellers & Starship Captains!

I’m Paul, your Manchester-based time (and space) travelling chronicler of wedding voyages wherever it may be (aka. a Liverpool wedding videographer). I’m a connoisseur of all things Doctor Who, Star Trek, and the gaming universe. Yes, I’m a self-proclaimed geek and nerd, and proudly so. But above all, I’m an introvert who understands the art of subtlety and the power of a story well told.

If the thought of a camera documenting your day seems more daunting than facing a Dalek, fear not. You’ve navigated to the sanctuary of a fellow traveler who gets it.


Transporting you back to the magical moments of your dream wedding day.

Liking the vibe? I’d love to hear your love story.


Paul was one of the absolute best choices we made throughout the entire process. the videos themselves are incredible, beautifully edited and masterfully put together. They give us so much joy to watch and he completely captured all the best moments of the day.


Paul Cryer Films - Relaxed Liverpool Wedding Videographer for Relaxed Fun Loving Boho Couples - Video Image

Behind The Scenes


What a vibe Liverpool has for some awesome cool alternate, free-spirited and geeky weddings. So many of the venues in the city can host a cool wedding, from locations such as the bombed-out church, the wonderfully bright and airy Sefton Park, to city centre venues such as Leaf on Bold Street, St George’s Hall and a variety of hotels such as the Titanic Liverpool. Views across the waterfront are also amazing, making a stunning backdrop to your wedding day. As a Liverpool Wedding Videographer, I love working in such a vibey city.

Feeling the connection? Then beam me a signal …

Your wedding isn’t just a day; it’s the canvas where your love story unfolds in vibrant hues. I’m eager to envision your day with you – the whimsical wonders, the geeky grandeur, the unique universe you’re creating. Tell me about the dreams you’re weaving into your celebration, the elements that pulse at the heart of your union, and how I can elevate your day into the realm of the extraordinary. I cherish the opportunity to collaborate with couples who see their wedding as a narrative—a tale of love that deserves to be told with care and creativity. Your vision and my lens, together, can create something truly magical.

Upon reaching out, you’ll receive a swift confirmation of my availability for your date, along with an exclusive link to my detailed pricing and digital brochure. As my responses can be dropped into your spam folders, I always text a follow-up to confirm you have received my response, so a phone number can be useful.

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