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Meet Paul: The Time-Traveling Filmmaker Crafting Your Love Odyssey

Greetings, fellow explorers of life’s grand narratives!

I’m Paul, a storyteller at heart and a filmmaker by craft. My journey through the realms of romance and celebration has spanned over a decade, and it’s a path I tread with passion and joy. If you’re in search of a kindred spirit who will seamlessly meld into the fabric of your festivities while conjuring up a cinematic masterpiece of your love story, look no further. Welcome to a world where your wedding film is not just watched but experienced—a world where every frame is a testament to your unique journey.


I have had a passion for filmmaking since I was a kid, though I didn’t pick up a film camera until I was around 18, before that I did a lot of photography. But my love was really in the moving image and the emotions it could bring, the stories that could be told. It wasn’t just a single moment in time or something posed – it was a living breathing thing. The mix of image, sound, music and colour to make you feel something.

Around 10 years ago I kicked the can of working for “the man” (I’ll keep saying 10 years then I can forget how fast time has flown!) and I started filming weddings. I loved working in different environments, crafting and telling stories that were meaningful and intimate to each couple and well, loved working for myself! Since then I have never looked back.

Did I also mention I love travelling? It’s been a lot harder recently and I’m presently saving to go to Japan – a quest that will take me a few years to save up to do properly. Prior to that, my favourite place was Iceland – as you can see from some of the images above – and yes, if you want to fly me out to Iceland to film your wedding/elopement then I’m sure I can work something out with you! I love making films and taking photos when travelling as well.

Other things are I have a thing for Apple products, an eclectic taste in music, enjoy keeping fit and cooking my own food, I was on TV once when I was a child, I’m a cat person, love fish, chips, peas n curry sauce, born in Bedford but raised in Manchester and I adore the films of Studio Ghibli – so much so I have seen some of them in theatre.

On an evening or a day I’m not deep in my edit suite, you’ll find me watching some geeky TV (seriously, they have all Classic Who on iPlayer now!), catching a movie or playing my PS5.


My mission is to craft not just a film, but an emotional heirloom.

Feeling the connection? Then beam me a signal …

Your wedding isn’t just a day; it’s the canvas where your love story unfolds in vibrant hues. I’m eager to envision your day with you – the whimsical wonders, the geeky grandeur, the unique universe you’re creating. Tell me about the dreams you’re weaving into your celebration, the elements that pulse at the heart of your union, and how I can elevate your day into the realm of the extraordinary. I cherish the opportunity to collaborate with couples who see their wedding as a narrative—a tale of love that deserves to be told with care and creativity. Your vision and my lens, together, can create something truly magical.

Upon reaching out, you’ll receive a swift confirmation of my availability for your date, along with an exclusive link to my detailed pricing and digital brochure. As my responses can be dropped into your spam folders, I always text a follow-up to confirm you have received my response, so a phone number can be useful.

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