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What are your travel costs?

Do you travel?

Travel Questions

I have a small fee for weddings further afield than the North West. For London weddings (and any major cities) then I charge a flat additional fee of £250 to cover all needed travel and accommodation. For other weddings I charge a flat fee of £100 to cover all needed travel and accommodation. For destination weddings, I quote on enquiry and research costs for you. All my quotes will include these costs, you won't be hit with them a month before your date!

Yes! I love to travel and see different places and film weddings in a large variety of locations. Wherever you are getting married, I can film for you.

How much are your films?

What package suits me better?

Pricing Questions

I don't hide my pricing, why would I! You can view my options and pricing here. Just remember there may be some additional travel costs depending on your exact location - which is why I list them as "starting from" prices.

I offer three options, which are a mini wedding film only, which is aimed at couples who aren't having or are not bothered about having a copy of their ceremony and speeches. I then offer a mini wedding film and a feature wedding film option that includes films of your ceremony and speeches. I also offer various add-ons like a second filmmaker, FOMO edit, First Dance films and more.

My wedding doesn't fit your options?!

Do you do elopements / micro weddings?

Do not be put off, I'd still love to have a chat with you and put together a bespoke quote to match your wedding plans.

Yes I do, I offer a shorter package of just 3 hours to cover elopements, micro weddings, engagement films and so on. Get in touch with me if that is something you're interested in.

On the Day Questions

Do you have a drone?

How long do you film for?

I start filming around 3 hours before your ceremony and stay around 1 hour after the first dance. When we have a chat a few weeks before your day, I get all the times locked down with you properly.

I do and I have a qualification from the CAA and insurance needed to fly it. I use the drone at as many weddings as I can, as long as flying at your venue is legal and the weather is fine to do so. However, please note drone footage is not guaranteed. If you are in a restricted area I will not be able to fly or if you’re in a city centre it is unlikely I will be able to fly.

How do you work with our photographer?

What is your approach?

I love working with great photographers and there are loads of absolutely awesome ones around. But, you need to book someone who has a similar style and vibe to me, so the fewer group shots, posed moments and flash they use the better (yeah, flash and your wedding films don’t really mix!), a super traditional photographer will clash and it’ll be harder for your day to flow smoothly.If you’ve not yet booked a photographer, let me know and I’ll be sure to recommend some totally cool people.

I’m a super chilled guy, so my approach is natural, relaxed and non-posed. I will document your day as it unfolds and capture all those fun and lovely moments, the tears, laughter and joy. I want you to think of me as one of your guests – as if you’ve asked a friend to film your day, a friend with professional gear and who knows how to edit a super awesome wedding film!

Is there audio?

Music Questions

What music can I have in my films?

I record the audio in your ceremony and speeches using small mics and I also record ambient audio on my camera, this ambience may or may not be used in your films depending on how it fits. I do not record live music, entertainment or singers in full.

I keep all my music usage above board and legal, so sorry, no Ed Sheeran. I use professionally crafted music from The Music Bed in all my wedding films, choosing tracks to suit your day and the edit I’m creating. If you wish to have any input, I’m more than happy to set up a playlist for you to select some songs as well.

Film Questions

So what is in my longer film?

The Teaser & Trailer

Your teaser will contain some of the coolest super awesome shots from your day packed into 1 minute and I always try and tell a little story with your teaser as well showcasing moments from across the day.

Your trailer/highlights is a film for you – it focuses mainly on you and not your extended family and friends (this is what your long film is for). It’s a real snapshot of your day containing the best moments, the real moments that you’ll want to keep watching.

Be it the mini or feature film - one is just a little longer than the other. They both cover your whole day – from start to finish in linear order. A beginning, middle and end comprising the best moments of audio from your ceremony and speeches along with loads of footage from across your day – getting ready, the ceremony, the reception and the bridesmaids busting the moves on the dancefloor. If there is any ambient audio that gives the film a little boost or sound effects that bring moments to life, then I will add them too.

General Questions

Can I keep my films private?

Can you take screen grabs?

It is totally your right to keep your films private.

I do ask that if you would like to do this, to let me know BEFORE booking, as it may affect my taking your booking.

Sharing your teasers and highlights is really important for me to get new work, I fully expect you found me online and have watched films on this site and on my socials.

I do not share your full films online.

I shoot in 4K so yes, I can take screengrabs and if there is an absolutely banging moment you’d like a still of, then let me know and I can do it free of charge.

However these are only useful for social usage, they aren’t good enough quality to print or blow up for the family album! They do not replace photography, both are different mediums and I highly recommend you book both a photographer and videographer for your wedding.


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