The First Things To Do When Wedding Planning

Hints & Tips

1. Find your style!

This is a really important first step in your wedding planning. Who are you as a couple and therefore what style of wedding is a fit for you?

Do you want to go for black tie? Are you wanting a church wedding? Are you more down to earth and rustic? This will tie into which venue you choose and everything else about your wedding from stationary, dresses and suits, photographer and videographer choices.

2. Choose your date …

I’ve put choosing your date at number two as again, it ties into venue choices and even budgets. Do you have a date in mind? It may be the anniversary of when you met, or when the proposal was. It may just be a time of year you both love, like Halloween or Christmas. You may really want a summer wedding. Are you going to need to choose a date around your jobs? Once you’ve got a date in mind (and you may need to be flexible with it) you can start approaching venues and other suppliers.

3. Set a budget

Once you’ve decided the kind of wedding you want and have settled on when you want to have it, then start looking at your budget. What do you really want for your day, what is very important (hint: videographer!), pretty important, you’d like it if you can budget it, not as important etc … pretty much list out the things you’d like and put them into an importance pile. You can also start looking at average prices for suppliers. However, it’s very likely you’ll end up on blogs like Hitched, Bridebook or Bark – all I will say is these blogs generally average out the price for suppliers across the whole of the UK and for the most part and will often say the average price for “x supplier” is “££” when in fact for a good supplier and not a budget one you’ll pay a lot more.

All I will say is that for a good photographer and a good videographer you’ll be paying £1500 minimum and likely over £2000. So you’ll need to look at a £4000 budget for both services. Your venue will also take up a very large % of your budget as well.

4. Whose going to be invited!

So, this point could be anywhere on the list! But I’ve put it above choosing your venue as you’ll need a venue that holds the number of people you’d like to invite. Are you having a small intimate wedding with 20-30 guests? Or are you looking more at 40-80 guests or even over 100 guests for the day. You won’t be able to have a venue that caters for max 50 if you want 100 guests to attend but on the flip side, if you’re having a small 20 guest wedding does a massive venue that is designed for 100+ guests be too large and in personal.

5. Choose your venue

You’ve decided on the style you’re going for with your wedding. You’ve got a budget in mind. You’ve got your date and you know how may guests you want to attend. So now you can look into venues. Do you have somewhere in mind already or an area you’d like to have the wedding, such as say The Lakes. What venues are around the area and more specifically what ones suit your style, fit your budget and can host the number of guests you want. Make a list and go and do some visiting! Most couples I speak to say they knew the venue on first visit – they could feel it was for them.

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Guide to Planning an Awesome Wedding Day!

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