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You’ve booked a wedding film add-on and you think your memories will be preserved. But what would happen if the focus of attention isn’t fully on creating your wedding film? What happens when the photographer who is capturing snippets of film alongside doing their main job of getting your photos has to choose which to prioritise? What happens when you decide actually, you really want to see more footage or have a film of your full ceremony? These questions come to the forefront when contemplating choosing a wedding videographer, prompting the crucial consideration of choosing a specialist over a value add-on from suppliers like photographers.

But what exactly do I mean by a value add-on? Typically offered by other wedding suppliers, notably photographers or entertainers with full-day packages, a video add-on is a supplementary service appended to their primary offering. This is generally offered as a brief teaser or highlights film of your wedding day where they capture moments through the day but all the while their primary focus is actually on fulfilling their main designated roles.

For some couples, particularly those who hadn’t initially factored a dedicated wedding videographer into their budget, this might seem like a reasonable option. However, as a wedding videographer, my advice is clear: consider allocating a dedicated budget for a professional videographer early in your planning process, especially if the thought of preserving the magic of your day in cinematic form has crossed your mind. But why is booking a specialist wedding videographer so important you may ask?

It’s all about those unique roles, baby!

When you bring on board an actual wedding videographer, you’re enlisting an expert solely committed to crafting your unforgettable wedding film. Their singular focus revolves around capturing those extraordinary moments and weaving together the fabric of fabulous memories. Unlike a one-size-fits-all approach, a specialist videographer dedicates their entire attention to curating the visual narrative of your day.

On your wedding day, their role is crystal clear – no multitasking, no juggling between say taking photos and entertaining guests. Their undivided attention is reserved for those key moments, ensuring that each nuance is expertly captured without the distraction of other responsibilities. You won’t find them torn between deciding whether the perfect shot belongs in a photograph or a film; their sole mission is to preserve every precious moment in a cinematic masterpiece.

What’s more, opting for a specialist videographer doesn’t just benefit your wedding film; it allows other suppliers to shine in their designated roles. When each professional focuses on their area of expertise, the collective result is a seamless, well-coordinated celebration where every element contributes to the overall magic. So, when you book a specialist videographer, you’re not just investing in your wedding film – you’re creating an environment where every supplier can deliver their best, making your day truly extraordinary.

I’m booking a photo/video team …

When considering a photographer who brings along a videographer, it’s crucial to inquire about their level of involvement in the entire wedding process compared to a dedicated specialist you might book. While many husband and wife teams or established partner duos seamlessly offer joint packages, ensuring a well-coordinated and experienced approach, it’s essential to discern those who might hastily enlist someone just weeks before your big day.

The challenge arises when this additional videographer is an unknown variable. Are they of the standard you desire, and will they seamlessly integrate into your wedding day? In some instances, it could be a recently graduated student with limited experience, potentially compromising the quality you expect. What’s more, you might find yourself paying a similar fee for this video add-on as you would for a specialist videographer.

Choosing a joint package might offer the convenience of a single point of contact, but the trade-off is uncertainty about the skills and professionalism of the accompanying videographer. Unlike dedicated wedding videographers, these last-minute additions may lack the experience needed to capture the unique emotional beats and technical intricacies of your wedding day. When deciding between a bundled package and a separate specialist videographer, it’s worth considering the potential risks and benefits to ensure your wedding memories are in capable hands.

Experience is key … 

When you entrust your wedding memories to a seasoned videographer, you’re tapping into a wealth of experience garnered from filming numerous weddings. These professionals possess an innate understanding of what to capture to transform your wedding into a cinematic masterpiece. Unlike a photographer who may dabble in video as an afterthought or other suppliers attempting to capture moments on their phones, a dedicated wedding videographer brings a refined skill set to the table.

This expertise extends beyond the wedding day itself. A proficient videographer is well-versed in the technical intricacies of filming a wedding, seamlessly navigating the emotional ebbs and flows. They go beyond merely recording events; they capture the very essence of your celebration, preserving the unique beats that make your love story extraordinary.

Moreover, the experience doesn’t conclude with the filming; it extends into the intricate realm of post-production. Your wedding videographer brings a seasoned touch to editing, from the meticulous art of sound mixing to the nuanced craft of colour grading. The selection of music is curated with care, ensuring that each note enhances the emotional resonance of your story. These post-production skills are not just an afterthought but a crucial aspect of creating a wedding film that truly comes to life.

The level of skill required for this comprehensive process is formidable, and it’s a realm where a dedicated wedding videographer shines. Their specialization and unwavering focus on wedding films set them apart, ensuring that every aspect of your visual narrative is executed with precision and artistry. When experience is the cornerstone, your wedding film becomes not just a documentation of events but a timeless reflection of the emotions and beauty that define your special day.

It’s the complete love story…

Beyond capturing moments, your wedding videographer is the storyteller of your special day, offering you the full narrative. This often encompasses not only the visually stunning highlights but also essential elements like your ceremony and speeches. Through adept filming and audio capture, your videographer can provide rich documentation of these pivotal moments—whether in their entirety or strategically woven into a cohesive film that encapsulates your unique story.

This immersive approach allows you to revisit the complete experience, basking in the emotional nuances and reliving the joyous echoes of your vows and the heartfelt words shared during speeches. What’s more, this cinematic documentation becomes a precious keepsake that can be shared with those unable to attend, bringing them into the fold of your celebration.

Attempting to perform multiple roles during the wedding can compromise the ability to offer this complete experience. A dedicated videographer, solely focused on crafting your love story, ensures that every detail is captured with the attention and artistry it deserves. So, when you choose a specialist, you’re not just preserving moments; you’re immortalizing the entirety of your wedding day, creating a timeless testament to your love that can be cherished for a lifetime.

In conclusion, while a value add-on might initially seem appealing if you harbour even the slightest desire to fully relive your wedding day through a captivating film, it’s essential to allocate a budget for a dedicated professional wedding videographer. Your memories are the priceless treasures you carry away from your wedding, and safeguarding them for yourself and generations to come should be a top priority post-choosing your wedding date.

Opting for suppliers who specialize in their respective roles, rather than compromising for cost-saving measures, pays dividends in the grand scheme of things. Investing in professionals dedicated to capturing the essence of your day ensures a cinematic tapestry of memories that transcends the immediate celebration, resonating for years to come.

Ultimately, the decision lies in your hands, shaped by your preferences, budget considerations, and the significance you place on the visual and auditory elements of your wedding. If you find yourself in the midst of wedding planning, I invite you to explore my portfolio. Witness firsthand how a wedding film elevates the richness of your memories, compelling you to relive those cherished moments in the years that follow. After all, isn’t preserving the magic of your wedding day an investment in the joyous nostalgia you’ll hold dear in the future?



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